sourcescheme.res problems

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    so I tried to run hammer today from the SDK and I got this error
    "Failed to load the default scheme file. The map views may be missing some visual elements"

    which led me here

    so I went to user\sourcesdk\bin and there was no resource folder
    I copied it from the tf2 vpk
    it would still crash immediately after I clicked "new" in hammer

    it didn't work so I deleted it
    I went to user\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin and there was no resource folder there either so I copied the same one from the vpk

    that didn't work either
    so I have the tf2 resource folder in both user\sourcesdk\bin and user\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin but it just briefly brings up an empty window (only the min/max/close and border) inside the working area and then crashes

    I'll be happy to provide crash logs and any other details if someone can help me out