Soundscapes/ Soundscripts Problem [Solved]

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    I've made a trade map and it uses soundscapes for background music only.
    For this I have a soundscapes_manifest.txt file refering to the soundscapes_mapname.txt which contains the soundscapes. (Both files are in the scripts folder)
    The soundscapes usually work when compiling with Hammer.

    However when it comes to releasing the map there's a problem I couldn't solve yet.
    After creating cubemaps, packing the map with VIDE and testing it with sv_pure 2, the soundscapes are completely silent.

    I've also noticed that VIDE only packs the soundscapes_mapname.txt file. The soundscapes_manifest.txt file and the wavs are not in it.

    Do I have to add them in VIDE manually or do I need soundscripts for this?
    If yes, what should I put into the scripts/game_sounds_manifest.txt and the maps/mapname_level_sounds.txt file?

    The soundscapes are all custom and are created with TopHATTwaffle's tutorial: