Sound missing in 'normal' compile.

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    I have an exceptionally large func_door with an equally large sound that is set to play when opened. The sound is one from Valves library, so it shouldnt be an issue with sample rates, etc.. I think the sound is doormove2 (working from memory, currently at work).

    If I compile the map for some quick testing with VIS and Rad turned off, the sound plays perfectly. When I do a 'normal' compile, the door is dead silent. I have confirmed this through several iterations of the map.


    Edit/Addendum: The sound file is actually doormove1.wav. I have tried various changes to door timing (thought maybe too much was going on at once) and even deleted and recreated the door entirely with no change. Sound works under a vbsp-only compile, but goes silent when I include VIS and vrad.
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