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    Woot another question! :p

    So during my making of a payload map the tutorial I'm reading says to choose the sounds "Cart.Roll, Cart.RollStop, etc" but my problem is when I search thru the sounds I can only see HL2 sounds. There is not a single Tf2 sound in there. How would I go about getting the tf2 sounds?

    Thanks :)
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    Those are actually referring to the soundscripts for sounds inside TF2. These are used for altering the sound settings without having to change the raw audio, or to randomly choose the end result and if it should play specifically somewhere in the map. Really cool shit. Anyway, Cart.Roll & Cart.RollStop might not appear to be valid sounds, but will work in-game, if you try. You can see a full list of soundscripts TF2 has to offer if you extract the tf/scripts/game_sounds.txt from inside the tf2_misc_dir.vpk which you can open with GCFScape. You can also find these files already extracted inside Source Filmmaker, if you have that installed.