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    I used to be an avid TF2 mapper as well as a active community member here about a year ago, making maps such as cliffhanger and layton. I have finally got more times on my hand and plan to get back into mapping even if I forgot a few things. Now, the reason I post a thread is because I have a few questions towards starting a map that I always seem to screw up.

    1) What is your planning process for making a map?
    2) How do you start the map, do you make the ground layout first or build piece by piece. What is your map building method?
    3) Where does your inspiration come from? I've seen some pretty crazy creative maps and am wondering how people know where to put what.
    4) What are optimizations I can do while building my map, so I don't have to go back and do it later?
    5) Anything else I should consider while creating my map?

    When I start a map I usually make a giant square and build off that, except for Cliffhanger in which I made ramped sections and a giant floating piece of block. I figure this tends to be a problem when it comes to optimizing though, as you have a giant floating block with plenty of space.

    Help would be appreciated,

    -Juice :p
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    1) first of all, draw a top view concept on paper, then block it out in dev textures and playtest it

    2) layout first, you need to know if it plays good as a whole before you can do anything

    3) no idea, i just think about what i could map, and at some point i probably get an idea

    4) pretty much everything here//

    5) dont loose the fun over all the work ;)

    btw, i usually first just block out the floors of the rooms, then walls, and in the end ceilings. I have no idea how you would make a map out of a giant block :O
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    Well it wasn't really a giant block, i'm comparing starting with a giant square and cutting pieces off compared to this:

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    Back on topic:

    -Areaportal off areas of theose corridoors
    -put hint/skip where they are needed
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    I tend to start with a lot of doodles and sketches of the map as I'm thinking about it, both in top down views and in location shots. I also try and think of what situations could cause the Red and Blu powers that be call in their crack teams of mercenaries. What would they be willing to fight over is always a good place to start.