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Server Staff
Nov 26, 2012
So now that the voting for the Rule of Three's Minor Contest has officially concluded, I figured now would be a good time to drop a map or two that I no longer plan on doing stuff with. One of these being my 12th place entry for said contest.

1. pl_dayspring
2. koth_lair_event_stage1

If you want to claim one of these, you need to at the very least be a VIP or higher, otherwise I'd only accept if you've shown that you're a capable mapper (i.e. Veteran Members typically)
These stipulations are mostly because Id' rather have someone experienced make these maps into something special/bring out any hidden potential they may have.

The maps aren't restricted to one person, so if I approve, then you can take either one no matter what, or even both of them if you really want. I'll provide you the vmf, the feedback.tf link and a list of custom assets used. I can give vmfs and feedback.tf links for previous versions on request, assuming I still have/can still find them.

Now, I don't really mind how you handle the maps once I give em to you, though I'd prefer if you keep to some of the original intent behind the map, main exception being if it's just being a flat out hindrance of course. I'll give a basic explanation of my ideas for the maps below, but if you have further questions, just DM me here on on my Discord (DoctorDoomtrain64#7854) The only other stipulation is that I get partial credit, that's all.

My first attempt at a Payload map. Originally made for the Rule of 3's Minor Contest, and it managed to get 12th out of 19, so not a bad start I'd say. Of course, as a result, there's only 3 Checkpoints for the Payload cart. Since the contest is over, keeping it at 3 points isn't at all necessary. The main issue for the map is that it's very flat and box-y, despite the decent height variation throughout. I think there's a lot of potential here, I just think it needs someone more experienced than me to fully flesh it out. Ideally, I'd like to see the Saw-finale kept in to some capacity, doesn't matter if the cart needs to be cut by the saw to win or if it happens after the final point is capped, I just wanna keep it there if possible.

This was my first attempt at a Halloween map. It didn't go over so well, so I haven't really touched it since the first playtest. I think there's a half-decent foundation here, so I think it's workable at least. I originally intended the map to be a 3 Stage koth map, with this being Stage 1, although I never started on the other stages. While I wouldn't mind seeing the 3-Stage koth idea attempted with it, I by no means expect anyone to go through with that idea, so it's not a requirement. I'd prefer for it to be kept as a Halloween map though. Other than that, there's free range to do whatever the heck you want with it, so go wild.

Anyways, that's all for now! I MAY add more maps, but I'm not sure yet, they'll prolly get their own separate thread if I do. I hope these maps can find a good home and become something worthwhile. Any questions? I'll be happy to answer!
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