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    I'm not even sure if that's the correct terminology, but let's roll with it. Anyways, I'm working on a 5cp map where, upon the final cap, there's an event (sort of like Steel or Whaleraces). Problem is, I'm a total noob with entity work. I don't even know if what I have in mind is possible, but I'd be grateful for any help or alternate ideas.

    The idea is that after the cap, a sound plays and a pair of big ol' door brushes swing open and a model comes in (on what I guess would be an invisible payload track). A few other models come in and start fanning out on their own tracks with brushes popping out of the ground at specific times. The models and brushes kill on contact. Also everyone in that room dies at a specific point in the sound. The sound is what I'm focusing on and timing around, and would like it's "origin point" to move with the model.

    Is this possible? What would I need? If it's impossible, are there roundabout ways of achieving roughly the same effect?

    Talk to me like I was 5 about this stuff because I know next to nothing about timed triggering and input/output stuff.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    Use trigger_hurt and path_tracktrain or something like that, I don't remember the train entities. Activate the trigger_hurt and have it kill when you get to the point in the sound you want.

    You can delay the sound if you want.

    I don't remember if you should use ambient_generic or the other thing with the name I can't remember, but at least you have some other stuff to read up on.

    Or someone else will wall-of-text an explanation.
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    No, I think thats it. Trigger hurt and a prop_dynamic tied to a train on a path.

    And also, I think you'll be using ambient generic. Just make sure that your flag is set so that it doesn't loop. For the I/O programming behind that, I don't know how to trigger the event on the final, but i have a feeeling its something like "Oncapture" then move or something. Look at one of steels decompiled maps.
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    To have something occur on capture, have the capture zone brush ent send out an OnCapTeam1/2 (1 is RED, 2 is BLU) output. For the rotating doors, you want to use a func_door_rotating with an Open input, for the moving things you want to use models parented to func_tracktrains moving on path_tracks with the SetForwardSpeed input on the f_tracktrains, and for the rising brushes func_doors with an Open input will do. Of course, you'll need to delay each event so it all goes off perfectly. As for the killing everyone in the room thing, use a trigger_hurt that covers up the entire room and is enabled whenever you want everyone to die.

    If you need more explanation, I suggest you take a look at the VDC or some payload tutorials.
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    The "does not loop" flag does not change how the sound works, it is for telling the entity how the sound file is already encoded (wav files can have embedded loop points).
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