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    Sorry for the unuseful title.

    I've been thinking of a new variant of ctf. In this variant only there is only one flag (enabled) at any time.

    At the beginning of the match a neutral flag lies in the middle of the map, cappable by both teams.

    Now lets say blu captures the flag, then
    -the neutral flag dissapears.
    -a team-colored flag apears in the capping teams base.

    now the red team can capture that flag, but blu cant. (attack/defend)
    if the flag is captured, the flag switches color and base. (also switching attack and defense)

    the team that has last captured the flag when te timer runs out wins.

    Now I already figured out how to make the flags switch and stuff, but the winning condition , I cant figure out.

    My idea
    -game doesnt end with three captures, how do I do that?
    -capture of neatral flag is worth one point, all other captures are worth two points.

    another solutions would be to decrease the other teams score to 0, when a flag is captured.

    any ideas? (show you genius side)

    p.s. I will upload a gametype library like this one:
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    once I get it working to inspire other people
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    Make a math_counter, set the maximum value to 3 and then use OnHitMax to end the game once it reaches 3. On the func_capturezone make it add a point to the math_counter when someone captures the flag.

    Add one of each for red and one of each for blue.

    Hope this works out for u
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    sorry, what I meant was:

    How do I PREVENT the game from ending when three captures are made.
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    I'm tempted to say this is a bad win condition - no matter where you set the timer the game is going to feel uncomfortably long or short depending on peoples' patience.

    The idea of keepaway CTF however is a fairly good one. You could try making the win condition possessing the intel uncontested for a certain length of time.