Some clarification on soundscapes please

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    I am putting soundscapes into my map, and I am having questions about the entity.

    it says it is triggered when you can see it. I realize that the actual entity isn't visible in-game, but I am wondering what they mean. First, is it when the entity can be possibly viewed (no line-of sight blockings, but the player may or may not be looking in that direction), or is it when they actually look at where the entity is placed?

    Also, are windows and func_details considered when it says "look"? such as a window texture that I can see through, but it is surrounded by a wall, and I can see the soundscape entity through the window.

    I am using env_soundscape_proxy for each location, with only one env_soundscape for each sound
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    I found the soundscapes to be a bit lacking and sometimes didnt trigger so I used soundscape_triggerable in my map they always work, but I still cant seem to get them to compile properly into my map even though they work fine for me nobody else can hear them.

    As for triggering when you see them it doesnt quite work like that you have to be able to see the entity as your passing through it for it to work, so for exp if you had 2 hallways side by side and the entity in one and it overlapped into the other it wouldnt trigger if you passed through it on the other hallway.
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    I've only used standard soundscapes. But as far as I knoiw its a radius thing, not site based. Not blocked by func_ whatever...

    If you use
    cl_showfps 1 n the console it will show you when the soundscape is triggered.