[SOLVED] How do I stop a trigger brush from being used for a specific time?

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    I know the title sounds a bit weird, but let me explain what I try to do here:

    I have a trigger_multiple brush which makes Monoculus spawn when you touch it.
    To prevent spawning multiple versions of Monoculus I want to "deactivate" it as soon as it's being touched.
    I know about the "Fire once only" button, but I want to have the brush back activated in 15 minutes; basically you are able to activate Monoculus every 15 minutes.
    (btw. my map is a trade map)

    Is it possible to do this?
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    You can do this a few ways. I'm kind of doing this off the top of my head, sorry. Kinda busy at the moment, but I want to help, so...

    One way I'd probably do it is to use
    • One logic_timer,
    • one trigger_once,
    • and one point_template.
    1. Set up the trigger_once where ever you want it to trigger, and name it something. We'll name it "trigger_MONOCULUS". Setup however you want Monoculus to spawn. I'd recommend using OnStartTouchAll for this.
    2. Next create a point_template. We'll name it "trigger_MONOCULUS_template". Put the name of "trigger_MONOCULUS" in Template 01.
    3. Set up the logic_timer to 900 seconds. Then, in the I/O setup (inputs/outputs), put the following:
      • (OnTimer) (trigger_MONOCULUS_template) (ForceSpawn) (delay 0) (can always fire)
    Then it should work just fine. I might've missed something, but I trust someone else will cover for me.

    Good luck!

    (And just another thought. If you wanted to have random events every minute, you can use a logic_case and a math_counter for this. But I'll wait on that one)
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  3. The_Gl!tch.exe

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    Thanks for the advice,

    but i actually found a clever and cheap way to do this (after I created this thread)
    I gave the trigger_multiple a name and added two additional outputs:
    1. OnStartTouch --> Disable
    2. OnStartTouch --> Enable Delay: 900s