[Solved] Bot help needed - red doesn't attack payload.

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Oct 6, 2008
Tug of War Map

Cart is Neutral - neither team has it - round starts
Both red a blue attack with gusto but not sure if red is actually going for the cart - blue team most definitely is.
Blue takes control and continue to push it, red might take control by fluke somewhere along the path but if they do they just stand there waiting for blue to show up they don't push the cart.

Have tried using some of the bot_ai control entities but not sure how they work.

Is there a way that I can force red bots to always attack the cart so they are in the pushzone entity around the payload and thus get the cart to move for the red team?

Da Spud Lord

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Mar 23, 2017
You could try func_nav_prerequisite with the cart as a target, that's what is used in MvM to make gatebots go to the gates.

EDIT: If that doesn't work, you could try tricking the bots into playing CTF instead of payload by placing two item_teamflags inside/under the cart for each team.

Alternating Current

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Oct 29, 2019
So... here's the thing. Bots are dumb. Their programming is for normal payload. Tug-of-war is not an official gamemode, and valve didn't program anything for that.

So only BLU bots will attack the payload. RED bots will never push it.

In short, no. Short of creating your own program, there is no way to make tug-of-war bots.
Oct 6, 2008
Yep can't seem to get them to work - ignoring them. I couldn't figure out the func thing and the ctf item changed it from a payload to a ctf hud style.