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    Hello all. My name is Ed, the "Angry" prefix stems from an in-joke I picked up in school. I recently graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute as one of the first people to complete the 4-year Interactive Media and Game Development program. Sadly while there I didn't get as much chance to play around with the Source engine as I would've liked. I was on a Mod team at one point but that project fizzled out. Thus, here I am. I'm still fairly new to Hammer and basically can only really recall how to build a room, hence I guess I'm new to it all over again.

    I'm mainly an art-based person, having a lot of 3D modeling and level design experience in Maya, but unfortunately not in any really official engines (at school we used the C4 engine because it was open-source). As such I'm doing what I can to get more accustomed not only with Hammer, but with 3DS Max.

    In addition to art, I'm also very design and concept-minded, and in fact already have a planned-out idea for a map I want to make for TF2, lacking only the means and experience to realize it (so don't hold your breath I guess, lol)

    Anyway I hope that I can gain valuable help and info through this place, and I'm glad my friend pointed me this way when I told him about my aspirations.

    My fav. TF2 classes are Scout, Sniper, and Spy, and I guess my favorite maps right now are 2fort, Pipeline, and Nucleus.
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    Welcome, enjoy your stay, and if you ever need any help, there are atleast 6-7 people in the Steam chat (usually ~15) to help you out!
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