So how was your summer?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Armadillo of Doom, Sep 4, 2008.

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    Just curious as to what everyone did w/ their free time. I was in school mostly, but got out often enough to see a few concerts. Played a ton of lan games w/ my friends too :) Released my first TF2 map, yay. Though it was really more of a warm-up. And took a week to visit a friend in California. Like most good things, it was also a learning experience. Prime example; I learned that being an American redneck is not limited to mid-western white people, lol. Still a fun trip though. And of course, playing way more TF2 than I should reasonably be allowed to. But s'all good. 10 classes left, 1 year and I'll graduate, then get outta here forever! w00t! Though I am trying to stalk the forums more often, cuz I was absent for a long-ass time. But I digress. What did you all do w/ your summer break?
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    Interned at my state capitol. Was an interesting job, even if I was just a go-for most of the time. Got to learn a lot about the system, the noble idea of public policy, and the sleaze balls that make it not work. I haven't finished nearly as much TF2 related stuff as I wanted to (ie, one map), though I'm picking up on a lot of other things, such as modeling at the moment, with texturing lined up next. I read A LOT. Currently about 200 pages short of finishing off the Dark Tower series, then I get to spend my last two weeks of summer reading Dune, just in time for my Political Philosophy class I'll be taking on it. Did a few trips. LA to see a friend graduate a year early. Las Vegas for fun and an empty wallet, and Tahoe for some kick back ness. Overall, its been a good summer, though there were plenty of times if felt to long, and far more where it felt too short.
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    I did way too little, really.

    I mapped a lot and I also released my first map (as an alpha).

    Well, there was one time when me and my family went driving across the country, which was a lot more fun than I was expecting. Lots of pretty nature around here, yup. :D
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    Spent the whole summer getting to know a girl on my kickball team.

    Then I got friend zoned because she's obsessed with some other guy who already has a gf.

    Spent the rest of the month attempting to rebound with someone else.

    Rebound attempts with other women met with even more rejection, which only made me feel worse.

    So that's my summer.
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    A half month doing fun stuff
    A half month doing work
    15 days of studying
    When I write this I just had my exam that went great and I finally have a few days of vacation now.

    Also met 2 great girls on that horrible job so after all it's worth it. And I'm rich too.