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    Basically this was created for Aly's map Cloudburst. But i figured i might as well upload it for all to use.

    I simply colour converted nature/dirtroad001 + 002 so that it looks like snow rather than soil. The purpose was to create an overlay to disguise the texture seem between snow and ice, but it obviously has its multiple applications. If it comes around to it, i'm sure she'll get around to producing/procuring an alpha blend as an alternative.

    So, original rights to Valve i guess, feel free to re-distribute and reupload this where ever (it's not like it's mine), although i'll try and refine it in future if there are any problems, so try not to if you don't have to. It kinda bugs me when there are multiple replica's of a single texture floating around.

    Speaking of which, if this already exists (i'd be surprised if it didn't), let me know and i'll not bother with this file.

    I'd like to get some feedback on how this texture performs against other custom snow textures, since it's a simple conversion it might be too dark/light/noisy ingame. Let me know and i'll try and update the file appropriately if you don't feel like doing it yourself.

    P.S. Aly, i updated the VMT's to use the correct base texture in the texture veiwer. So you might want to replace them with these if you read this.
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    Awesome! Paths really help with the basic realism TF2 needs to look beautiful and functional. Are there anything recolours can't do?