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    When Blue Team caps the point, they spawn in red's spawn but some people like to stay inside the spawn on purpose when blue caps the point so they can kill the blue players when they spawn there after capping. So basically I dont want red players to stay inside the spawn when blue caps the point because Blue will spawn there and it will be a chaos with red players camping it inside. How would I fix this? Maybe a teleport entity that will make the red team spawn in the next spawn after capping the point so they wouldnt be able to stay inside the spawn but I have no idea how to set it up.
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    Well it would be a simple I/O to initiate the teleporter (which should encompass the whole spawn) on capture then disable it 0.1 seconds later so it doesn't teleport the correct team when they eventually spawn.

    That said. It's easier to just have seperate advanced spawns for each team. Atleast that way you can theme them appropriately as well.
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