MVM Sludge b4_fix1

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Comfortably mediocre
Dec 21, 2010
Awarded 3rd place in the MvM mapping contest!


Mission coding/Logic: Turbo lover
Map/detail/optimization: Dr. Element

This map takes place in a swamp. It seeks to screw with yylers spine-theory by making the robots use the same complex that the spine is part of.

Known problems:
  • The rain combined with the mass amounts of bots and gunfire is pretty stressful to some people's framerates. We'll probably remove the rain when the contest is over.
  • Some props haven't gotten proper fade distances specified yet
  • I forgot to pack the god damn soundscape GAAAH
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Comfortably mediocre
Dec 21, 2010
A2 update!




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Mar 20, 2012
I thought this map was quite enjoyable. I really dig the theme you're piecing together.

A few things:

Kill this fencing. It's so bloody annoying. The cover sheets are perfectly fine on their own, and this position is not nearly as powerful as its height advantage lends it to. It has two major bot pathways that come from different angles, the closest health pack is only a small and it's wide open to bot snipers.


This position is too powerful when the bots are coming this way. That sightline is insane and makes this area stupid easy to defend. The close proximity of the medium health/large ammo makes this building an engineer's wet dream. I'd turn that gimpy little fence in the foreground into a cover board (for the benefit of the bots) and find some other way to protect them during this long, straight walk. We struggled during waves 3-4, but once we figured out this spot, we laughed as wave 5 and 6 melted under our fingers.

I think the airblast loop area (with the lake) is a really cool concept, but because of the sightline, we never were able to put it into use.


Add a small wooden staircase here. I already crouch jump up here, but it's just annoying when you're actively fighting bots. The walk around paths are pretty far, too.

The fast moving tanks, the forward upgrade station and the tank entrance that comes from the side behind cover are awesome ideas and really gave me a good impression of the map. Really nice work.


Nov 6, 2011
I heard somewhere that compiling -final was one of the things that originally crashed mvm, along with staticpropligting - is that true, or has it been fixed?
we will find out.