CP Slopeside (A/D) A2

Duke it out in a ski resort.

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    Slopeside (A/D) - Duke it out in a ski resort.

    Capture or defend 4 control points in a ski resort beside the snowy slopes!

    This is probably my biggest project so far. I've been working on this for a month or two now. Probably because I detailed slightly more than I should have for an A1. Oh well. I'm just glad that I finally got this released. Anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated! (Now to get back to working on Cargoship...)


    Blu's first spawn

    Point A area

    Point B area

    Point C area

    Point D area

    A labeled overview of the level. (I have no idea why the background is green...)
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    Alpha 2: The Less A-maze-ing Update
    This update mostly includes changes to help lessen the confusion around the layout of the map and how to get to each point, because that was a huge problem during the gameplay. It also includes some fixes and tweaks. Hopefully the arrows directing players will help reduce players complaining about a confusing layout and dead ends (most of which were really just hallways with doors that hadn't opened yet because their associated control point hadn't been captured), and I can get some real feedback.
    -Raised the height of certain clipped barriers between parts of the map so players aren't as inclined to attempt to jump over them
    -Adjusted the clipping in the snow field by the second point
    -Added label signs to each point
    -Increased the size of the first point capture zone and concrete step so that it acts as an indicator of the capture zone
    -Added arrow signs that appear and disappear as points are captured, directing players to the currently active point
    -Fixed one of Red's final spawns not having lighting
    -Adjusted the shape of the large snow area near point B
    -Added overlays surrounding the capture zones of points 1-3
    -Fixed a corner near Red's last spawn
    -Lowered the railing around the last point
    -func_detailed some stuff around the last point, including the railings (which I feel stupid for not func_detailing in the first place...)
    -Added and adjusted some ammo packs
    -Removed a pointless clip brush that was not touching the playable space
    -Reduced the brightness of the lights in the old hotel between points C and D to reduce the blindingness of the floor
    -After point C is capped, Red team gets an increased respawn time and Blu gets a decreased respawn time
    -Added some trees to the main route between point C and D

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