Slammin' Source Tools V2 - compilers 02

Slartibarty's Slammin' Source Tools, updated to work with tf2 + patched vrad.exe

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    Slammin' Source Tools V2 - compilers - Slartibarty's Slammin' Source Tools, updated to work with tf2 + patched vrad.exe

    Some of you will have heard of the Slammin' Source Tools from a facepunch thread. You can read up on all the improvements it has over the stock hammer editor or compiling tools under this link.
    A drawback of the tools was that they wouldn't work for tf2 without installing the Source SDK base 2013 Multiplayer tools - this patch remedies that, and you can now use the tools as-is with tf2 - no external source downloads required.

    This method override no files in the tf2 directories, and you can choose to use only the hammer or the compile tools based on preferences. I would personally recommend only using the slammin' compilers if you really need to, however the vrad_patch.exe is highly recommended as it is identical to stock VRAD aside from being multithreaded - this gives compiles that are far shorter than with stock hammer, and the faster your CPU the greater the benefits.

    Slammin' hammer:
    VRAD patch:

    Improvements to the tools over the normal Slammin' Source Tools:
    *No external SDK download needed - you just drag and drop the files into your Team Fortress 2 install, set up a shortcut, and you can start using them straight away
    *vrad_patch included - a simple edit of the stock vrad.exe, the only change being multithreading. This means compiles are far faster than normal vrad's for both HDR and LDR, without any disadvantages

    Install instructions:
    *Move the contents of the /bin/ folder to /Team Fortress 2/bin/
    **Your path should be /Team Fortress 2/bin/<.exe and .dll files> after this
    *In hammer, go to Tools -> Options -> Build Configurations, and set up the path to whichever modified compilers you wish to use.
    *Compile your map

    NOTE: be wary when using a mix-and-match of slammin' compilers with other compile tools (like stock vrad with slammin' vbsp and vvis) - it may cause issues with the compile despite no clear errors

    Full credits to Ficool2 for this patch, and slartibarty for the original Slammin' Source Tools.

    Simple speed comparison, note this is not representive of the benefits on all maps and CPUs:
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    Modded compilers seem to not like blend textures. When I compile with these compilers, the blend displacement is fullbright and I get this error in VBSP:
    "nature/blendgroundtocobble009d" - "materials/nature/blendgroundtocobble009d.vtf": cached version doesn't exist
    That material doesn't reference a "materials/nature/blendgroundtocobble009d" VTF anywhere in its VMT, by the way.

    Compare that to when I compile the same map with stock compilers. The blend displacement gets proper lighting, and the above compile error is replaced with this line:
    Patching WVT material: maps/test_base/nature/blendgroundtocobble009d_wvt_patch

    Both compile logs are attached.

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    Tried using with Compile Pal on Garrys mod, vbsp errors out on tier0.dll:

    (Translated roughly from localized windows build, cant copoy paste errors on windows :mad: )

    Starting Point not found
    ?FindOrCreateCounter@CVProfile@@ etc etc... CounterGroup_t from etc.. tier0.dll
    Compile Pal Config, everything should be correct:
        "GameFolder": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\garrysmod",
        "VBSP": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\bin\\vbsp_slammin.exe",
        "VVIS": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\bin\\vvis_slammin.exe",
        "VRAD": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\bin\\vrad_slammin.exe",
        "BSPZip": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\bin\\bspzip.exe",
        "VBSPInfo": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\bin\\vbspinfo.exe",
        "GameEXE": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\hl2.exe",
        "MapFolder": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\garrysmod\\maps",
        "SDKMapFolder": "D:\\Pelit\\GMOD_MAPS",
        "BinFolder": "D:\\Pelit\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\GarrysMod\\bin",
        "Name": "Garry's Mod Slammin"