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    Inspired by ctf_bball (and all of it's associated problems), Slamdunk Square attempts to bring the bball experience to every class- not just Soldiers. Using the squares on the field, players can execute a super-high jump to grab the flag and get into the other team's goal.


    - Gave Snipers a much needed nerfing by adding one more team shield on each side of the court. This also provides much needed buffs for Pyros and Engineers
    - Spies are more useful now that any class can climb up onto the roofs of the team spawns, to deal with Fungineers more effectively
    - Added barriers to the sides of the team spawn areas, so you can't "accidentally" wander out into the instant-death out of bounds area.
    - Speaking of which, in case you weren't aware that the sides of the court were a deathtrap, new signs posted by your spawn should hopefully hammer the idea in.
    - Respawn wavetime is now ~5s