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KotH Skyscraper17 2017-12-10

Rooftop/Night themed KOTH map.

  1. Docteur Whoa

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    Skyscraper17 - Rooftop/Night themed KOTH map.

    RED and BLU are fighting on the top of a Mann Co. building for the control of the Helipad. The map is set in an urban city, at night.


    So this is my first "real" map. After months of tries and retries and nights lost, I decided to share a small KOTH map made for my group to play on sometimes. I don't really have any version number attributed to it, I simply kept fixing stuff that was eventually broken or what I feel was wrong.

    You can find more pictures on the Steam Workshop page of the map.

    I am open to all suggestions, whether it is about the layout, but also the visual style.
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  2. FunkEdge

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    tbh, reminds my of the map "High Rise" from CoD MW2
  3. MegapiemanPHD

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    This looks neat! I wonder how prevalent falling off the roof will be when playing.