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    I built my skybox and tried to seal my map. Compiled and had a prop leak. to save time etc. I built a larger skybox encompassing my entire level. I have a question though, for more experienced mappers.

    Do models for props have to inside the map? if any part of them sticks out I got a leak when compiled. I also noticed in 2fort(Decompiled) that there are a few sticking out of the map into dead space.

    And the second part, not too crucial and Im sure I will figure it out if I work at it is light props. I have placed several bullet lights around with small spot lights to create detailed ambiance. only problem is that, even though they are copied off the same first light, they arent all consistant in their presentation. I have 4 out of the 30 or so props are lit up as if they are on and the rest are off. they should be all the same. these 4 seem to be on the north side , in the shade but in the path of the sun. For preview and speed i have been running Vis and Rad as fast.

    Thanx in advanced for any help.
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    props don't have to be entirely inside the map, the only thing that matters is their origin point. Turn on helpers to see the circle that represents the origin; you can usually get away with moving the origin and leaving some parts of the model clipping outside the world.
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