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    In addition to the main routes of a map, you might be interested in giving advanced players additional mobility through an area to avoid obstacles like a sentry nest blocking passage through a particular path. There are many such examples in stock maps, varying in terms of complexity and difficulty. However, you don't want to ruin the flow of your map aesthetically by cluttering it up with invisible clipping and jumbled props.

    Here's an example:


    In the above image of an incomplete alpha map, you can assume that through the empty doorways there might be some stairs to climb to the higher level. However, there's another way up as well: by crouch-jumping at the pallet leaning against the wall, a player can then hop onto the light fixture, against the ledge of the window, and then hop across the second light fixture to gain access to the balcony above. Note how none of the props seem "forced" in this example - the fixtures seem realistic and are providing light to the room, and it is conceivable that a pallet might be left leaning up against a wall.

    Here is a video of a medic performing the jump.
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    I definitely like the idea. I love encouraging players to learn tactical skills by rewarding them.

    The only issue i see is that you have to be very careful with the implementation of such tactical obstacles, as I think it could tip the team advantages for the team with better players (i.e. I could imagine soldiers and demos having too much control from such a strong position)

    Also, this is just my preference but I prefer any positional obstacles to be a bit more conspicuous.

    In the pic below (it's CSGO though), the player could airstrafe from the right window, around down into the pool to flank opponents. I intentionally added the pool to make it a bit more obvious of a "landing pad".

    Especially in a game like TF2 where 95% of props are clipped off, i think there needs to be a little bit more direction to signal to players that this is a valid path you can reach (bigger surfaces to jump on rather than on the edge of thin props).

    But yah! I'm digging the idea! It'd be great if more maps implemented this.
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    Although most props in tf2 are clipped off there is still some way to have playes being able to guess such paths.

    Generaly anything above the playing ground is expected to be clipped. Anything equal or lower isnt. In that first images those pallets and lights are still below the playground of the area above. Players are able to see that as invisible stairs.

    In dustbowl stage 1 near the gate there are also some wooden parts sticking out of the wall. Normaly i would have clipped those, but since they are below the playable level they are still part of it and dont need clipping. Again just some details and maybe more visible due to not being props but its the same idea.

    This even can count for exit signs. If there is an area above you should be able to stand on it.

    But what if for example you dont want them to? A map should be the same all along at such parts and you cant just clip sign A and not clip sign B while they are identical.
    Instead just put the sign slighly in the wall. For example a doorway can be inside a wall 32 thick. If the door is 192 high and the sign is 32 dont make the hole in the wall 192 high. Since then the sign sticks out of the wall and people can stand on it. Its better to extend the hole upward to be 224 high. The 32 above the door should be a thinner wall which contains the sign. That way the sign has a roof above it and its clear you cant stand on it.