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    I'm working on a map that uses a single intel for PTF (Push The Flag) gametype. When the intel is dropped it should fall to the ground and remain for 15 seconds for the team who dropped it. After 15 seconds the intel will turn neutral and either team may pick it up. 15 seconds later, if still not picked up, the intel will return to the center.

    The issue is that for some cases the intel when dropped will not remain the color of the team who dropped it. Instead it will drop as neutral and will continue to drop as neutral till 15 seconds have passed and someone picks it up again, or till it returns to the center. The issue can be reproduced with another player or a bot fairly easily. It can also be reproduced by oneself by waiting for the intel to turn neutral, but it seems harder to do for some reason.

    I think one of two things is happening. Either the trigger_multiples are not enabling for some reason when they are supposed to, or perhaps the trigger_multiples are not getting touched when the intel is picked up.

    I've tested the range of the trigger_multiple's below and they seem to be large enough to change the intel color when picked up, but since I cannot find an official range of the intel in units I cannot be sure.

    My first attempt of the below setup was a clone from this thread which uses a single logic_timer and fairly different Outputs instead of the system below. At one point I thought the logic_timer was the cause of the issue so I built the below system instead. Both systems suffer from the same issue though.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have perhaps found another system that performs the same function but does not have the same issue I would switch in a heartbeat. Also, if you do happen to know the range of the intel in units that would be great for my testing purposes.

    The below entities are also included in this file. (You may need to right click save as)

    name triggerblu
    parent flag
    filter name filter_blue_team
    delay before reset 0

    OnStartTouchAll flag SetTeam 3

    name triggerred
    parent flag
    filter name filter_red_team
    delay before reset 0

    OnStartTouchAll flag SetTeam 2

    name flag
    gametype CTF
    team Any
    Return Time 30

    OnCapture counter SetValue 0
    OnDrop countersub Enable
    OnDrop countersub FireTimer
    OnPickup triggerred Disable
    OnPickup triggerblu Disable
    OnPickup countersub Disable
    OnPickup counter SetValue 15
    OnReturn counter SetValue 0

    name counter
    Minimum Legal Value 0
    Maximum Legal Value 15

    OnHitMin triggerred Enable
    OnHitMin triggerblu Enable
    OnHitMin flag SetTeam 0
    OnHitMin countersub Disable

    name countersub
    Start Disabled Yes
    Refire Interval 1

    OnTimer counter Subtract 1
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    I may have solved this with a simple case of "bigger is better". I've enlarged the two trigger_multiples by about 50% and made them into a hexagon shape. So far testing has resulted in no issues. I'll be happy if it is fixed, but at the same time I will hate myself for screwing with all of the entities for the last two days. ;)