Simple field of desert for SFM. Got a screenshot of it !

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    Hello there !
    I am a videomaker of dota 2 videos. Here is my problem. I created a map with blender of desert, using some TF 2 items in it. But when i import heroes from dota é on this map, ican't move their face ! So, i decided to recreate this map with the source engine, in order to use SFM.

    So here is what i want :
    1) A map of desert which looks like that (screenshot) :
    The map is quite long, shiny, and i need to show, in another scene, the guy near the building than you can see further away.

    2) You don't need any other element than the map, no spawn point, no strange thing for TF 2 maps :-D.

    3) I only need the ground (the desert and the path globally), i can add other items really easily with SFM, so don't bother.

    I am asking you that because it seems easy for someone who know mappin of TF2, and i only know blender.

    Thank you for reading !

    Don't hesitate if you need other screenshots withtout different points of view !