Similar to math_counter, but has a sort of OnAdd output?

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    Sorry for the bad title, it's as best I could word it. Basically, what I want to do in my map is have a sort of equalizer at the center. It's a KOTH map. I want it so if a team holds it for 90 seconds straight, something (which is already implemented) occurs, to fight against camping and such. I thought I could use a math_counter. I planned to have the trigger_capture_area Set it to 0 instantly and add 1 (after a 1 second delay). Then, I thought I could use some sort of OnAdd command. Basically, it'd be OnAdd, math_counter, Add, 1, delay 1. This would loop until it hit 90 where the equalizer would occur. However, this is no OnAdd command for a math_counter. There's OnGet and the such, but that's not what I want. Is there some sort of sequential counting entity that could let me do this?
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    You'd be better off using a logic_timer that resets every time the point gets capped.
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