Texture Signs overlays and Colored metal plates

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    Hello everyone. Here's a bunch of textures and overlays I made over the past few months, that I'd like to share with you, because some of them might help you in your maps!

    The bunch features some overlays I created for various reasons, a biohazard sign for cp_bridges, and 5(!) different colors of metal plates (imetal001), most importantly- a dark gray one, which was really missing for those hi-tech neutral bases (or just for adding a darker atmosphere).

    In the .zip file you'll find:


    (*train not included)



    You are welcome (and even encouraged) to use the files for your map, just don't forget to credit me!
    You are also welcome to request other colors for the metal panels, they are pretty easy to make and I will supply more of them happily!

    You are not allowed to re-post these files in any other website.
    You are not allowed to claim these files or a modified version of these files as yours. You are not allowed to modify the files without premission. If you really want a modified version, contact me for premission first.

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