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    this is my fist official release of any sort of map, so please use the lube when commenting.

    This is your basic payload map, blu pushing, red defending. There is no "Forward Spawn" for either team. The spawn control is all done through the big building in the center of the map. Its located directly across from both spawns and the doors are controlled based on what points each team controls. Red can pass all the way through off the start. Once blu gets the first point both teams can pass through. After blu gets second point then only blu can pass through. Also note you cannot get stuck in this building, either go back the way you came or go up.
    one other thing to note the sliding doors on the forward left side of blu spawn will activate on round start. These are the same doors red will see at the forward right side, there behind the old timey truck.

    also, very little is clipped, this is on purpose. if it looks like you can get on top of it you probably can.

    standard install, just a .bsp for your maps folder.
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    First off, it looks very open, which is common in new maps. Tighten up some areas and reduce sightlines to not make Snipers own the map.

    Clipping is a very important part of creating a map. Even though you clipped very little on purpose, that is a bad thing. Soldiers and Demomen will be able to gain high ground quickly and decimate opponents who have very little chance of fighting back. As littleedge will tell you, you should clipcheck carefully or players will be able to exploit with dangerous consequences.

    Some of your displacements seem a bit off. In the third screenshot, the hill on the corner looks awkward with the sand meeting the grass on another displacement; I suggest making that entire hill grassy. In the second screenshot, a displacement seems unsewn; also, try disabling shadows on the pine trees.

    Overall, you have some poor texture choice going on. Wooden buildings standing freely on top of concrete ground, metal rooftops directly on concrete buildings, etc. Other than that, throw it in for a gameday/impromptu. I'd like to see how this plays out.
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    first thing i noticed was how the track has a ground texture and then it immediately turns into a thick grass on the outside. it needs more of a "fade."

    i agree that you seem to have metal, wood, and concrete buildings clashing together everywhere.

    the layout looks pretty good and i dont really see too many bad sightlines. would love to play it.
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    this looks spectacular for a first map!

    but is it a box?
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    Looks great and the layout sounds nice!
    But I agree with everybody who posted in this thread... you should make some serious changes.
    Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see how the evolves!
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    I think it looks great for a first map! However, as it is your first map, I am really worried about optimization. Here is a site which can help you with that. This is without even looking at the map, it's just a gut feeling.

    Apart from that, the detail all looks very rough. Try and go into little details too, such as mentioned above: fade the grass. Also, in your 6th screenshot there is a model of some planks on the left side, just above the windows. When detailing, think of the map being actually used as a workplace. Those planks there serve no use. There should be a door, or something else for it to have a reason to be there.

    Can't wait to see this in a gameday.
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    Thanks for Comments

    thank you to everyone for the comments. I have a few things to say though;
    I have been playing TF for a while, so I am aware of issue brought in by too long of sight lines as well as not universally accessible heights. so i have taken both those issues into account, as for long sight lines there are a few. for the most part there is a second route, there are a few places that are left to be specifically to be owned by snipers. as for heights i guess me saying im new and i didnt clip anything in the same breath was a mistake on my part. most of the non clipped areas are accessible to everyone, either by jump puzzle or by jump to tele.

    also it is not a box, it is J shaped, i will provide a top down in a week or so when im back at that machine. holidays this week...finally.

    as for optimization i am aware of what it is and i made a real effort to keep it as clean as possible, i will admit i have not added hint brushes. but as for world versus detail brushes i really made an effort to keep the geometry as simple as possible.

    so now to my question the comments about the wooden buildings sitting on concrete ground ect. I understand what you said, i dont understand what the issue is. is there a general rule as far as that stuff like if its a wooden structure it needs to sit on brick then on concrete?