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Shooting Gallery

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Pianodan, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Pianodan

    Pianodan L3: Member

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    *doot doot doodle doodle doot doot daa daa* It's a shooting gallery! Red is confined to a central bunker, so sniper is really the only good class choice.

    The playfield is a horseshoe in front of the bunker. Blue starts at one end of the horseshoe, and must attempt to retrieve the intel from the other end without getting sniped. Red must try to stop them. Blue has three choices of paths: The top one is the longest, but has the most cover. The bottom one is the shortest, but has the most hazards, including ROTATING SAW BLADES! (Yes, I know, rotating saw blades are not that big a deal, but it just sounds cooler in all caps)

    Unlike some sniper maps, however, this map does have a point. Blue wins if they cap five times. Red can win, if they hold off blue for ten minutes.

    Because teleports would defeat the purpose of the map, the entire map is off limits for building. Sorry, engies!

    Changes from a4 to a5
    Fixed the func_nobuild. Now Engies REALLY can't build, and this time I MEAN it!
    Put a roof outside blue's spawn to prevent sticky spam
    Closed up the bottom windows of the bunker, so red demos can't sneak over the moat.
    Added a door the bunker and a bridge that opens during the humiliation phase.
    Fixed teams not swapping on round end. (I hope)

    Changes from a5 to a6
    REALLY attempted to fix teams not swapping on some servers.
    Minor tweaks

    Changes from a6 to b1
    Added a second humiliation door
    Added ABS' "flag return from pit of DOOM" logic
    Compiled for HDR
    At the end of each round, map now resets tf_flag_caps_per_round for the server to 3. (will not work if map ends by maptime or rtv)
    Shortened flag return time to 15 seconds

    Changes from b1 to b2
    Added soundscape
    Added short setup time to let red get into position
    Added more cover for red snipers
    Added more cover for blue scouts
    Some detailing
    Second humiliation door now opens if blue wins, not just red
    Removed some cover around intel cap to make blue snipers a bit more exposed
    Added maplist thumbnail.

    Changes from b2 to b3
    Replaced "nobuild" which I somehow managed to erase. Take that, engies!
    Put a cage over the central pipe to limit demo and soldier spamming.

    Changes from b3 to b6:
    Added opaque windows to the central panopticon.
    Changed to winter theme, for no readily apparent reason.
    Major artpass by [o-t] Jigglypuff

    Changes from b6 to b7:
    Fixed all the things that got broken from b3 to b6 because I hadn't used hammer for a year.

    Changes from b7 to b8:
    Fixed teams ONCE AGAIN not switching at the end of the map. This may or may not mean your NEXT ctf map also has 5 caps instead of 3. Why the hell is this a server parameter and not a map parameter anyway?
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  2. Penguin

    aa Penguin Clinically Diagnosed with Small Mapper's Syndrome

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    I was thinking of soemthing similar. You did a better job than I ever could, though.

    I'll try this over LAN sometime.
  3. jojo

    jojo L1: Registered

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    great map idea!

    how about a map, that has this concept in symetry!

    like in a team you have both "dodgers" and "snipers"

    that way its actually very ballanced!

    though there would have to be some barier that doesnt allow gunfire from the capping team, so that the dodgers can't snipe while capping
  4. Pianodan

    Pianodan L3: Member

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    You mean, two bunkers, two horseshoes, each team simultaneously trying to cap on one side and prevent capture on the other?

    I like it!
  5. DaFatCat

    DaFatCat L3: Member

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    Cool idea, always good to see new gamemodes.
  6. Hanz

    aa Hanz Ravin' Rabbid

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    Lol this map was so much fun to play on gameday. :p Scout's running everywhere. :D

    But, maybe 1 thing. Blu shouldn't be able to snipe the red's, that's not the point of the map I think?
  7. Pianodan

    Pianodan L3: Member

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    There really isn't a good way to stop them, that I can think of. Red just has to do a balance of offensive and defensive sniping. I'm glad you had fun yesterday!
  8. drp

    aa drp

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    very fun map. its weird because when you hear the premise of it, it sounds 'meh' at best. but its definitely fun.

    for the blue counter sniping issue.

    is there a way to make a one way projectile protection brush? i think ive seen it before.
  9. Pianodan

    Pianodan L3: Member

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  10. Icarus

    aa Icarus

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    How about a one-way window?

    Have one side nodraw, and the other toolsblack, and make it func_illusionary.

    You can't kill what you can't see!
  11. zpqrei

    aa zpqrei Theme Changer Extraordinaire

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    This. Blacked out windows FTW.
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