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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Remnic, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Remnic

    Remnic L2: Junior Member

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    Another project I hope to finish.

    A simple KOTH map which focuses on vertical combat and strategy. RED and BLU are fighting control over a shipyard set in industrial Montreal. Both teams have a quick exit leading to the battlefield on a suspended platform leading directly to the control point, but offers little cover. The main exit is located below the windows where snipers can potentially shoot down players who might take the control point from the upper path. However, most classes will take the main exits to pass behind the freight containers facing the control point.

    I await all constructive criticisms so that I may improve the map for future releases.

    EDIT: a2 released!
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  2. Prestige

    aa Prestige im not gay anymore

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    had a look around. spawned in red spawn as blue, and the handrails have some purpleblackness. the layout seemed kind of small and underwhelming for a koth map. its basically just one arena. you also dont have respawn visualizers. also, you say you want to base this map off of vertical combat? well only soldiers/demomen can get on the rooves (which creates some class imbalance). you could add some buildings and staircases and things to get on top of the rooves and things and that will fill out the map better (might have to raise the cap or something).

    architecture is good and the area around the point seems fun to play on.
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  3. Legend

    Legend L1: Registered

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    Looks nice but why is the control pad purple and black squares
  4. red_flame586

    red_flame586 L7: Fancy Member

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    Build cubemaps to stop pink and black checker-board of death. Plus add stairs/ramps/buildings/obstacles/anything else that will help other classes to get up high
  5. Remnic

    Remnic L2: Junior Member

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    Thanks for the criticism.

    Thought I should let you know that since this is an alpha, clipping and cubemaps aren't a top priority (unless it's clipping out of bounds areas).

    The roof of the central building isn't meant to be climbed on. Might need to add some design which will signal players its inaccessibility.

    I'm not quite sure about making the roofs of the ramps accessible. I could allow this or add a second path near the opposing team's window.

    Alpha two will be released soon. Thanks again.

    @Prestige: I'll cut off the accessibility of the outer roofs and make the quick exit ramps more accessible. Not sure if this'll improve on my attempt but I'll see what I can do.
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  6. Nineaxis

    aa Nineaxis Quack Doctor

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    That looks like too narrow and tight of a space, with poorly positioned stairs and health. Generally doors have plenty of open space in front and behind them, which allows them to be used easily and prevents them being abused by spam classes and engineers. Stairs are at the edges of a room, not placed in the center, and definitely shouldn't be taking up more than half the room.

    This is an unnecessarily large and overscaled space, try consolidating it or dividing it further to make it tighter.

    There's no way this is ever going to work. King of the Hill is centered around the "hill", the central capture point, which means that there needs to space to fight over the central capture point. Viaduct has an open area, Sawmill is indoors, but it's a large building that offers the space to fight. Nucleus and Harvest don't play very well because one has no space to fight on the cap point except the cap point, bringing all the gameplay away from the point (which you don't want), and the other has the point enclosed in a small building, much like you do.

    This will only lead to heavy spam on the point, which prevents it from being fun, and worse, you have high ground for explosive classes to camp from. Even worse, unlike Harvest's cap point roof, your high ground is also in doors, so there is cover, and pretty much total protection for them. Not to mention also providing health and ammo, so they never have to leave.

    Try making the building as wide as it is long, and making the side doors equally large, and possibly removing the high ledge, or at least the health and ammo. Give the point some breathing room so there's space to fight.
  7. archy

    archy L1: Registered

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    just quickly ran over it:

    you really have to reconsider the layout of the map. some issues:

    - why should a player go onto the point? he atm puts him into a vulnerable situation.
    - the height dimensions are also too big.
    - the room with the "cp_well gate" is too narrow and there is no point in the whole room SINCE:
    -there is not enough space outdoors imo. there is a lot of space on the Z-Axis, but some X and Y dimenions are really small imo...
    -the ramp that leads to the top part of the middle house is not really.. i dont know. i dont like it. its closed, its narrow, and the ammo there is completely unnecessary, unless you like engis who would build a base there.

    just a quick site hint: IIRC, just placing one cubemap without even building it in tf2 removes the checkerboard on the prop skins, it still does not look beautiful but at least better than our pink checker board of death. That least it worked for my map.

    i hope that was helpful :x


    EDIT: forgot 2 points:

    -the door that wont open is just frustrating and confusing (IMO)
    -and the medium size health kit seems to be somewhere in nowhere, what means that you have to fall back very far to be able to fight again. --> losing too much time (IMO)

    EDIT 2 (sry): being able to access those roofs is a no go imo. u can spam everywhere with being any harmed
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  8. Remnic

    Remnic L2: Junior Member

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    Alpha 2 has been released.

    Please note that cubemap is still not added and that other noted issues have not been fixed.