72hr SFM Posters: Mercs

SFM Poster made in 72hour Jam

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    SFM Posters: Mercs - SFM Poster made in 72hour Jam

    (I forgot to put post here, posted this on the contest section before 72hours were up)
    This SFM Poster is made by me and TheMonkeySpy.
    TheMonkeySpy did the posing, while I did the lighting and added some props.
    Programs Used: SourceFilmMaker and Paint.net (Final Touches)
    Assets used from Steam Workshop:
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=399006068 (Map)
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=372549115 (Surf Board)
    Everything else is made by Valve
    PS: Please try to ignore the different sand texture near the bottom left, tried to cover up the broken stuff that happens when water covers some of the models)
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  2. GigglingGem

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    The lighting is nice. A bit intense on the Heavy's arm.

    The way the Engineer is sitting looks a bit unnatural.

    There is some kind of glitch on Scout's left leg? Part is invisible, maybe because of the water. Have also just noticed the bottom of Engineer's beer is cut off around that same area.

    I don't know if the bird/dove/Archimedes is pose-able but it looks a bit unnatural.

    The Heavy/Spy dynamic is a bit odd. Heavy doesn't even seem to mind there is a blade in his shoulder and the posing of the spy makes it look like he has been dragged along by the heavy.

    Soldier's right hand appears to be mangled.

    Also maybe repose the beers in the foreground to make them looks more like they are floating in the water and not floating in the air.
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    Thank you for the feedback,
    I kinda forgot to change the lighting on the heavy's arm, didnt have enough time to render things. I did tell MonkeySpy that the Spy looked wierd but he didn't want to change it. Yes the hardest part was Water transparency doesn't work, not use if its the map or sfm. This caused the things underwater to glitch out in the picture format. Archimedes was just a little touch, I should have done posing on it but as I said before I was given this an hour before it was needed to be handed in.

    I didnt actually notice the soldiers hand, guess that's what I get from copying an animation set to and from different models. Again it was going to look better but the water messed it up and I had to think of a temporary solution within that hour. Couldn't move the bottles anymore near the water otherwise it would have messed up as previously mentioned.

    Maybe with a bit more time, I could have created something better, I'll defiantly get more time and work better on the WinterJam when that comes.
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