Setting Up the 72 Hour Stream Countdown Clock

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    Hey, you! Yeah, you, the TF2 Content Streamer™!
    Have you ever wanted to use that fancy countdown clock made by @Geit that All The Cool Streamers™ are using these days? Of course you do! This handy guide will help you set up and customize your very own stream countdown in OBS studio.
    How to get the clock:

    1. Download, install, and setup OBS Studio

    2. Right Click the stream preview (or click the little + in the sources section) and go to Add -> BrowserSource. (I'm doing this tutorial on Windows, but it works the same on Mac and Linux)​

    3. Name it whatever you like and click OK

    4. Put in the URL (, then set the width to 320 and height to 150. Leave the rest of the settings alone.​


    5. Click OK. It should look like this. You're done!

    For the 2017 Summer 72 Hour Jam, you should use this URL to ensure the clock is counting down to the right time:

    Neat, but how do I make it even cooler?

    Use this link instead:

    In all seriousness, Geit made the countdown customizable by adding stuff to the URL's Query String! In other words, add a "?" to the end of the URL and then add one of the following parameters. You can add multiple by adding "&"s between them. Please note that these are case sensitive!
    • noaudio - Stops audio from playing
    • TVImage - Link to an image to use as the TV background
    • TVColor - The background color of the TV, set to transparent if you'd like to put something dynamic under the screen in your stream.
    • transform - Use CSS transforms to change the size, rotation and shape of the countdown. Recommended for advanced users. You can use any of the values here: - for example "transform=rotate(-10deg) translate(0, 50px)" gives the clock a slight rotation. You will need to modify the height/width to make this fit.
    Here's Geit's original example link that shows off multiple parameters together:

    Yeah, but I want to do something really crazy, like subtly flipping some words like you did with yours!


    If you want to customize your clock farther and re-skin it to fit your needs, head over to this other post by @fubarFX:

    Credit to @Geit for making the clock and the original setup guide. This is an updated and improved version of his guide, as his was written for the old version of OBS. Find it here.
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    Wouldn't making the clock 316 by 148 be better for keeping the correct aspect ratio?