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Setting something straight on new themes

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Dr. Spud, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Dr. Spud

    aa Dr. Spud Grossly Incandescent

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    This is just to put my thoughts out on the table, just to make things clear.

    Valve releases new themes. People use them. It's not a big deal.

    If you've made a snow TF map, and you think you're the big fucking OG of snow in video games all-of-a-sudden, take a step back. You're not way cooler than everyone now.

    Here's the thing, I'm going to use the snow theme. And if you've got to fucking jump into my threads and complain because it's suddenly not cool because you did it first - fuck you.

    And, for the record, in CSS I was known for using snow almost exclusively. And I didn't start working in TF2, jump into Glacier's thread, and be all "Oh haha snow I did that 2 years ago lolol you're lame."

    If this post looks hostile, it's because it is. I can't say how much I hate it when people try and take the high road over everyone else. Get over it.
  2. The Political Gamer

    aa The Political Gamer

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    You do have a point... on the up side of things we now have Swamp, Snow, Desert, Gravel, Industrial, Jungle, and SpyTech, etc. most are used in almost every game. :/
  3. DJive

    aa DJive Cake or Death?

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    /nip in the butt.

    If you have problem with a user(s) please PM them or talk about it privately.

    Posting in a open forum is no place for that guys, you know this.

    ***Simple Guidelines to Follow - PLEASE READ***


    I will say this though, THEMES don't set a map apart.. Its the detail, the Gameplay and balance. If people are hoping to "get by" because of a theme you are mistake and likewise.. If you have a themed map DON'T GET discouraged by the flood of newer maps, more then likely they wont be detailed, they wont have balance and they gameplay wont be up to par.
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  4. drp

    aa drp

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    While I do agree that the comment posted in your thread was pretty stupid, this thread is even worse.
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