Server owners and novice planners, rejoice!

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    Drpepper has worked his magic, and now any registered member can create new Events. They need to be approved by a moderator, but I'm pretty good about browsing the site at least once a day. Our U.S. East Coast server now has a direct upload service as well ^.^ Again, not instant, but pretty darn close. So now you can have improv map testing at your leisure. New info is here; Our 2 U.S. servers have begun seeing activity during the week, and it's something I really want to encourage. So look for last min. announcements during the weekdays, I'll be hanging around a server late afternoon & evening. Seems like a shame to only use our servers on the weekend ;) Speaking of weekends, gameday is pretty massive this time around, so make sure you're in early. Lastly, we have another mini-contest going. Whether you have writers block, or just need a break from your current projects; As usual, thanks to Youme for being on top of this. Till next time, happy mapping! :D
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