Server Errors vs. Local Non-Server Error

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Oct 6, 2008

Re: my map gold_heist_canyon_b1

Has anyone tried this on a live server with players yet?

I haven't really seen it on any servers and haven't received any real feed back as live performance in the real world with the exception of the below:

"a couple of glitches"- but they weren't specific as to the nature of them.
One case of the payload remaining up in the air (where it is in hammer) at the start of the map - the dispenser / movement seems to be working but the cart isn't there.

This brings me to the title of the post - server vs. local

The map is working 100 % OK on my machine and seems to be working ok on other people's locals as well but it might be acting funny when you get it onto a live server. I have included all the files from my local into the download item so I'm thinking that maybe people haven't installed them right.

I'm trying to figure out what's going on in my case (since I'm working on the B2 version ) and to also enquire as to what if anything should be considered when we are doing our maps to make them more server friendly.

Are there any general rules (asked to help newbies) that must always be obeyed when mapping and having it on a live server?

Add on: My steam has also been acting up since the last update - I had to to a complete reinstall of everything - and after the install I still have no games library (choosing the option takes me to tools) and hammer shows me an error message re the fgd - but the map was completed well before the update.
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