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    Hello once again I require the assistance of the tf2 maps community in solving a problem that has corrupted months of labor. My recently published map cp_tiderock has a strange error when I play with some friends on the group server. After loading the map, whenever someone dies, or a point is capped, the server crashes. HOWEVER, it does not happen after the first kill or second kill consistently. It appears randomly after a kill (but usually before round 2 has a chance to start)

    Now, I have taken some measures to prevent this. The map has spectator cameras aplenty, which I've heard to be a problem for some maps, but my question is: Is this error a result of the server and the map being incompatible, some facet of map design that I've missed, or just this server? I would really like to be able to test this map with my friends, but development is at a standstill now that it crashes.

    Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.
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    Did this start happening out of the blue? or is this your first release?
    Also did you hand make each point and respective gametype entity?
    Does it also crash when you select Create Server<YourMap?

    You might try copying and pasting your entire map into a new .vmf file sometimes it just gets corrupted.