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    Joseph Sahu aka Noted_Literally
    email addy:

    This is a capture point map with 5 points, however, the points are arranged such
    that once the central point is captured both enemy points are unlocked. Likewise
    the central point is never locked, allowing a team on the defensive to turn the
    game around quickly with a strong push.

    Assets used in this map that were created by other people include:
    Alpine rocks by VelvetFistIronGlove
    Complimentary Texture Pack by Acegikmo

    Alpha 2d release:
    Right now I'd like to do balance testing, aesthetics and such aren't really what
    I'm looking into. In particular, I'm worried about:

    -Class Balance (Are snipers too good? Are pyros too weak? etc.)
    -The offensive/defensive balance once a team has captured the middle point. In
    order to match the feel of valve maps, I think the offensive should have a slight

    I can be reached at the above email address, please don't hesisitate to make it
    available to anyone playing on my map for comments and criticisms.
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    Some areas look too open and the layout could be confusing considering you have several CP's unlocked and cap-able at the same time - Make sure you refine/add more cover and signs to help new players. Looks nice though.

    EDIT: And there is already pre-made boardwalks like the ones you need in that screenshot. Valve made them for sawmill, they look good and are available in 3 different skins so you should have no problems.