September Showcase Maps (In October!)

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    Hey everyone, it's time for another round of showcase maps!

    This batch of maps was supposed to be the September batch, but due to the delays of the Invasion update, I wanted to hold off to not spoil the fun of those involved in the Invasion update. Unfortunately, someone did it anyways (wasn't me!)

    Anyways, without further ado, here are Septembers Showcase maps!
    (listed in order of appearance on banner. Left to right)

    plr_frostfell (@Tom_Hoen) - A cool PLR map and 2nd place winner of the dynamic PL contest!
    koth_probed (@Crash ) - A quirky king of the hill map set on a remote farm during an alien invasion. Extreme Rancho Relaxo spots included!
    pd_watergate (@Egan, @Bakscratch, et. al) - The map which probably showed the most improvement over the past year, Watergate fills the deathmatch-type gamemode the community has longed for.
    arena_byre (@Idolon) - Being the first community arena-gamemode type map added to the game in nearly what, 5-6 years? It definitely deserves its spot in the showcase.
    mvm_isolation (@EArkham) - A solid MvM map from the MvM mapping contest. It also took first place.

    Also, a shout out to @FissionMetroid for the creation of particles used and predominantly featured in Watergate, Byre and Probed!

    Congratulations everyone!

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    isolation needs to be official, please.
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    Oooh yes. Grats all!
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    Nice list :)
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    Interesting that they added Byre but where uninterested in the Arena version of Suijin.
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    Valve didn't deliberately shun the arena version. The koth version was on the top of the workshop and the arena one was no where to be seen because that's what the public wants. Valve probably didn't even realize the arena version existed.
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    Congrats to everyone who got their maps added to the showcase.

    Good luck to you guys in making that map pack official. I don't even really like MVM that much but it's crazy how much Valve has been ignoring it since Two Cities. That map pack seems like it would be an excellent addition to the official roster of MVM maps. I hope you guys get it made ito an official community update. I'll be sure to send Valve an email soon suggesting it along with my suggestions for the next campaign (not that my emails probably do much good).

    Have you tried contacting Valve about making that community map pack official (I understand if you don't want to answer that).
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    Cool maps