Model security_barbs 1.0

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Feb 18, 2009
Originally requested by Muffin Man (to go in koth_shell... go pester him for it :p)

Download and use as you like (including art pass contest), just I would like some acknowledgement when you use it. Thanks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When trying to use it recently, I discovered the scale of the model wasn't right. My deepest apologies to anyone who wanted to use it.

I've updated the download to a fixed version.
(I know it's been a long time, but these things happen. Sorry again.)

Change log:

v3: Fixed size issue

v2: Uses valve's texture from the gcf

v1: Initial release
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Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle
Mar 4, 2008
I and other experienced members may know what you're talking about when you say security fences, but for the benefit of others not so versed in the model list, you might want to include some images.

edit: ninja Youme is ninja
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Feb 18, 2009
So I was going to use this for my artpass entry, when I discovered that it compiled at the wrong size...:facepalm:

My deepest apologies, but I've fixed it now! I've updated the download link to the new file, so please download it again if you got an old one.

You may use it for the art pass contest.

I'll be going over all the other file I've released to check if anything like this has happened on those. I'll update them as I go.