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    Story of this map:
    I combined ctf attack with payload. Flag will spawn on the payload, and you can push payload through the map. Only way to win is by capturing flag 3 times on 3 different control points, not by pushing payload to the end. Payload is only for flag spawn. Payload won’t give you any health or ammo. It takes 40 second to flag spawn back on the payload. After each capture blue will receive 2minutes 30seconds more time. Blue will receive reds first spawn after second cp capture.

    Blue mission:
    Carry the blue briefcase in to reds control points. Pushing little cart is not important, but flag will spawn on it!

    Red mission:
    Prevent Blue from capturing control points. Red can prevent payload movement by standing near it.

    Thanks for KarmaKaze from creating intel_on_railz

    Download now has .zip file which contains mission briefing and the map!

    Know issues:

    -Cubemap not working
    -Shack has one badly placed brush
    -Controlpoints showing in the HUD as locked
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  2. Omnomnick

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    This looks interesting, the gamemode sounds like it could work quite well, but I think the map will need some work before play testing. Add more cover, try and get the balance between moving the cart and capturing control points right.
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  3. Owlruler

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    does moving the cart have any advantages at all?
  4. The Political Gamer

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    Neat concept, but will it work?
  5. nik

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    so basically if you push the cart to each point after capturing the intel there, you will win pretty fast, right?
  6. Tom Hoen

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    Only that flag will be moving with it, so you don't have to run back to recap your flag all the time.

    I do hope to participate in next weeks gameday to test this layout. I haven't added much covers yet, because map haven't even been tested.
  7. Terr

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    7Zip is reporting that ctf_second_push_a1.bz2 is corrupt. 2,019,208 bytes.
  8. PenPen

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    It was rather confusing on gameday unfortunately.

    The textures are all the same, at this stage you might be better off with dev textures (just make the ground grey and walls red).

    Unfortunately there's no HUD that supports what's happening (which isn't your fault). I think based on the points you have, you can label them A/B/C/D just to let people know which point is which...currently the layout is a little confusing.
  9. Tom Hoen

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    Unfortunately SourceTV record was only 6minutes long, so I don't know how this map was played (yes, I missed the gameday myself). In Alpha 2 I have redone most of the textures and added some A B C signs, so it should be easier to know where to go. Lots have changed.

    Next weeks gamedays here I come o/
  10. WastedMeerkat

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    I participated in the gameday, and these are the main things that contributed to the 6min playtime:


    1. People thought it was on fullbright, but then noticed there was shadows.

    2. Everything was confusing, and we couldn't tell it was A/D CTF when there was a CP control point model, a pl cart, and a flag.

    3. Everything was the same texture.

    4. We generally got frustrated with the map because we had NO idea what to do.

    My suggestion:

    1. Make it less bright!

    2. Add a map description in Hammer!

    3. Use dev textures!

    4. ADD SIGNAGE!!!

    P.S. Add cover, and fix that displacement. I really want this A/D CTF variant to work out.
  11. Bockagon

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    I like this new game style, I think it has a lot of potential, but the map is very confusing right now. I would suggest that if your not using a payload HUD, you should use the new hybrid HUD instead of a regular CP HUD, this way people will be able to find the flag easier. There tends to be confusion when the arrow on the HUD isn't there because if one person takes the flag and goes off on his own to try and cap it, suddenly no one can find the flag.
    I also think the flag should return to the cart much faster (like maybe have it return in 10-15 secs) to encourage people to push the cart forward. Right now people can just take the flag and try to advance with it, ignoring the cart altogether.
    You should also make it so that standing on the point prevents the flag from being capped. Right now you get a lot of scouts just throwing themselves into sentry fire and capturing the point single-handedly.