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L5: Dapper Member
Apr 17, 2017
So I'm looking for a really old TF2 community map, and I've had no luck so far. I know it's silly, but I'm looking for a community made Minecraft TF2 map that I played almost 7-9 years ago when I first played TF2. I have a lot of fond memories on that map, but I don't know the name of it, and my computer isn't old enough to still have it downloaded. I've checked over the Steam Workshop, Gamebanana, and this site as well, but unfortunately had no luck. I'm hoping through this thread, someone, somewhere will know what map I'm talking about.

It was a CTF Minecraft map that was symmetrical, and the skybox/outside of the map made it look like the map was on a big island. Both bases had 3 floors I believe, with the top floor being a great place for Snipers, and the lower floor being underground, where the intelligence was. The map was generally an outdoor map, with a large tree in the middle if I remember correctly. The map was like a big square, with everything in the middle. Map was surprisingly detailed compared to other Minecraft maps of its time, and I remember the Blue and Red bases being made of Blue/Red wool and White wool.

As silly as it sounds, the server name is something I remember, and I believe it was called "Sexy Phil's Sexy Server". Sadly can't find that name anywhere online anymore, but maybe someone out there remembers it. It's a shot in the dark, but I'm an admin for some servers and I'd REALLY love to find this lost map again some day and share it with everyone again. If you know any good places to find lost maps like the one I'm mentioning, please point me in that direction! I'd love to find this thing as much as I can! Thanks in advance!

Also, here's a bad interpretation of what I remember the layout being from above. The gray boxes are other buildings that were on the map, with the red and blue ones being bases. The green one is where the tree was.