sd_doomsday - potential for a good map?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Belli, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Belli

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    The reception of doomsday has been rather critical here, but I think it's got potential. The lack of detailing is a purely cosmetical problem, and the sightlines are nothing that couldn't be fixed.

    The layout istelf is pretty nice, yet simple enough to be casual.

    Possible changes:

    - KotH. SD has been just a glorified version of KotH anyway, so bringing it back to the roots may benefit the map.

    - Snipers. Breaking that sightlines right from spawn to the control point.

    + some minor changes, these are the most glaring problems.

    So, what do you think? What should a good version of doomsday look like?
  2. tyler

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    I would say skim through this until people start talking about map design ideas.

    I don't think the mode is very good though, and unless I am mistaken, I think a lot of other people hold that idea. Even sd_congo, which is probably the best custom SD map I've seen, has some issues.
  3. omegasupreme

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    The map would be 10x more fun if snipers and the gunslinger were banned from it.
  4. nightwatch

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    Doomsday feels like a less height-oriented version of hightower to me. When koth_flake was released I thought exactly the same thing, all of these maps encourage tdm-ing, which is nice r very casual play but it's not really team fortress 2 at its best.
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    I think I played Doomsday the minute it came out and the first time I played it I saw everything it had to offer. Its sheer chaos. I play it now and its still sheer chaos. At least all the classes feel useful, which is more than I can say for most custom KOTHs.

    Maybe someone should make a Control Point version. Collect the intel and bring it to each point, but that might take a while to make.

    With all of that being said... I think having more cover would control the chaos. You're very open once you go up the first ramp to the tower base.