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    Hi, im experimenting with a competitive (6v6 or highlands not sure yet) sd_ map- but i dont want to use the rocket/lift for capping the autralium.

    iv been trying to work out how to cap the flag without these for a few hours now and cannot seem to do it- iv got it working with no cap time (instant cap) but i cant workout to have say a 4 secound cap time (where you have to be standing in func_detectflag???) before allowing you to cap the autralium

    thanks in advance :)
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    So you want to stay inside the detection area for 4 seconds before it opens?

    Basically, you would use a logic_timer with it's time set to 4 seconds. The OnTimer output would enable the func_capturezone. The func_flagdetectionzone's OnStartTouchFlag would Enable the timer and the OnEndTouchFlag would Disable the timer.