Scream Fortress 2013 is LIVE!

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    Ahoy, buoys and gulls, it’s almost Docktober 31st, and that means it’s time for the Fifth Annual Team Fortress Tort-urous Halloween Special, which this year is based entirely around the terrifyingly complex legal questions that haunt maritime law. AWOOOOOOOO! [Sound of receiving a jury summons]

    And that horrifying description of an obviously terrible idea for a Halloween update — an idea so dreadful that we gave up on it almost fourteen hours ago — was just the FIRST of this year’s many spine-chilling, spine-tingling, all-around spinal cord-injuring shocks. We have one word of advice to those of you who survived our previous four Halloween Specials: Stop lying. These updates will kill you — GUARANTEED! [sound of our lawyers reading that sentence]

    This year's Scream Fortress map is Helltower, a Payload Race variation, with at least one major difference: You're all powerful magicians. Everybody gets a spellbook gifted to them automatically, which you can equip in your Action Slot in order to pick up and cast spells. The team that wins the race will be granted a buff for the final climactic battle, where you will fight for the ultimate Halloween reward: Your own lives. And a reward.

    So, fear fans, it’s time to put aside your precious laws of the sea, because this year anything can happen. Ghosts? Yes! Forbidden magic? Yes! Skeletons? Oh, yes. A Hellmouth? Obviously. A corpse? Yours. Really? Check your pulse. The murderer? You. Anyway, we’d love to sit here and shock you to death all day, but the update’s live.

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    I think I actually need to let TF2 update again.
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    So, who is going to setup our server to test this "new" map?
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    At least it's not KOTH again though. I just wonder how insane the fighting is going to get with these spellbooks or something.
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    Plr_hightower_Event is very confusing for several reasons:
    1. I do not know where damage is coming from
    -This is due to the fact that the now expansive use of damage type spells varies from fire type, to explosive.
    2. Very cluttered and dark in some places, visually difficult to look at unless you're up high
    3. Spells, spells, spells.
    4. I'm being shouted at from Red and Blue as well as other players.
    5. Interesting game mechanics that may have been well on their own, are all mushed together in one big "reference cluster-fuck"
    6. So many activities
    - Collecting spells to use
    - Going to the floating clock tower thing when it opens
    - Pushing the carts
    - Finding your player-specific present
    7. #6 leads to the downfall of teamwork (As if there was any to work with in the first place)
    8. Scouts and soldiers dominate the map after playing it several times on different servers. (Could just be specific to high-tower in general but, there is a lot of land to traverse too.)
    9. The water at the bottom of the drop down from spawn isn't deep enough to extinguish flames.
    (cool add-on I would have like to have seen in regular plr_hightower)

    On a positive note:
    Cool new assets!
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