Scam profiles on Steam

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by [Rx.] Christian Troy, Apr 28, 2018.

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    I know there have been scam profiles on Steam for years but, is it just me or has there been a huge spike in these profiles showing up on Steam?

    What I'm talking about are these profiles that send you a friend request, you accept it, they start out with a very small general conversation, then go right to the sob story of some how not being able to buy something. Then of course they say they will give you the cash/credit/coin/etc and you will get some kind of a reward for helping them get what they want.

    I always end up blocking these profiles as soon as they give me the "I need help" routine. Which really gets annoying because meeting cool people in game is a good way to find cool people to play with. To make things worse, these scam profiles wouldn't be showing up if they weren't working. :(
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    I used to have a lot of that 2 years ago where it was just a bunch of newly made private profiles that kept adding me. I added one and it immediately spammed trade requests. Now I don't have that problem anymore, I don't know why, maybe its because of my really long profile name.