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Let's get down to business, to defeat the mercs!

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    Let's get down to business, to defeat the mercs!

    Out in the Gobi Desert, the mercs have set their eyes upon one of the few remaining passes of the Great Wall of China. Battle it out through the intense heat to secure the location.

    I designed the map with the goals of including height differences, some form of predictability within each round, and the exclusion of a contested central area. I hope it blossoms into a gorgeous level with a unique layout for the Connect5 contest!

    Huge thanks goes out to:
    @Another Bad Pun, @Diva Dan, and @KubeKing for all their love, support, and feedback given early on. Their insights helped me to get from the scraps of VMFs through a few pre-alpha iterations to the level's current state.
    @EArkham for their Japan Pack Expansion
    @Idolon for their work in Byre as well as releasing its VMF and supplying the logic for 2CP Arena maps.


    18/2/2018 - AI
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    I'll make a pro out of you!