Sandstone Assets

Model Sandstone Assets 1.0

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Mar 11, 2013
Here are all the assets for king of the hill sandstone to do with as you please. Want to make the map bigger? Go for it! More/Less routes, do as you wish!

This includes: Models/Materials used, VMF files of all pro versions and some regular versions, all instances, Other assets used, and best of all a bunch of DEM files for you to know what to do next.

Following restrictions apply though:

-You may NOT re-release or modify any of the models/textures under your own name whatsoever, unless you get the permission of the individual author.
-The Sandbowl, Shrine, and TNT Wiring is allowed to be modified however, with original credit given to "fantasmos".
-You may NOT take absolute credit for the map, you can only take credit for changes you have made.
-You may NOT re-release it under the name Sandstone, you must rename it (e.g sandstorm, sandtrap)
-You must name the map a derivative of sandstone in your map thread's main post
If you are unsure of anything, msg me on steam, my username is "fantasmos" and same for


Stale air
Aug 31, 2014
Cool, more mappers should do this kind of thing with their rc maps.