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    General question as I'm mapping late at night (I've got 1-2 finals tomorrow, its only calc, don't worry)
    I found and used the specific generic 'red team' wall texture a while ago and I can't seem to relocate it.
    Is there any way to click on something and pick that texture that it has?
    Does anyone know the name of the generic red/blue (The ones with little dots/bubbles of slightly different blu/reddish hint). I'm using it as my general walling color for now.?
    I've been looking around to a bunch of places and can't seem to find anything to help, hoping for a speedy touch of help so I can finish my changes for the night and get some sleep.

    Edit: Ironically enough as soon as I go to the mechanic my car starts working perfectly.
    The texture was concrete/computerwall...
    I noticed the 'Show only Used' box at the bottom.
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    You're using the tool that only applies the texture to a single surface right?

    Click on it, it'll open a menu a up. There's a button which reads by default, IIRC, "Apply (all)". Just click on that, and select "Lift" which will take the information for material, offset, rotation etc. and, by clicking on another surface with "Apply (all)" selected again, it will transfer all that info.