CP Ruthless Ridge A2

A 3 stage attack and defense map inspired by Dustbowl

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    Ruthless Ridge - A 3 stage attack and defense map inspired by Dustbowl

    My first map! Inspired by Dustbowl, Ruthless Ridge is a standard 3 stage attack and defense map. The map is currently very early in development so any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hello smoky!

    The map is quite massive being a multistage one so I probably won't be able to be too detailed and will just look for the main bits that I see and hopefully that's still helpful.

    First stage:

    So with the first point there is alot of fairly blank space. red have to health/ammo packs and some cover whereas red have to cover a bit of distance before there's any cover and snipers can see from quite a while away like standing ontop of the point a sniper can see all of the exits for example, so putting a bit more stuff there would help with both of those. It kind of reminds me of one the points of goldrush the spawn entrance with the exits at various heights.

    I think A itself looks good though, it just depends on how difficult it is for blu to get past the first area as to how easy/difficult A is to defend if you do make adjustments to the first bit.

    The area of B is huge at the moment, there's quite a bit of blank space so there may need to be more stuff for cover and the area to the right of spawn probably just needs trimming down entirely/redesigning to encourage the use of all the area/to make it smaller.

    Minor stuff:
    there is a see-through wall in spawn, to the right of the first spawn room

    Second stage:

    The space between spawn-a has a similar problem to the first stage,although it's moreso for this blu have a large fairly empty space to cross whereas red have some cover/healthpacks

    B needs a bit more cover as there are some huge sightlines at the moment for both white entrances into the point, there should maybe also be another route to the point. Although the thing with B at the moment is once you cap A you can quite quickly move over to B to cap that so that's something to keep an eye on so when a team caps A they can't just can B straight after and win.

    Third stage:

    C doesn't have the problem of the other points as much since they have some cover and health nearby if they're able to push. but there are some quite big sightlines that can see both entrances. I like the building in c that gives you another way to get to the point, the point itself has the problem of being too big/empty.

    Anyway that's about all A is probably my favourite bit you've done so far and the different stages have different things/feels to them which is good. Have fun!
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    -Added a lot more cover to try to make the map feel less flat and open
    -Added more health/ammo packs
    -Added signs
    -Revamped control point areas

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    thumbnail would be nice