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    I'm not really sure what i'm doing with it at the moment. First it was supposed to document neat and obscure finds that made me happy, mainly music and art, but anything really. Yet i wasn't really following through on it as i wasn't keeping proper tabs on my activities on the fly. Then i wanted to use it for talking about level design in Natural Selection 2 and Killing Floor 2, but i couldn't find the time to research either sufficiently and both SDK's were still being documented in their respective wiki's so the information just wasn't there at the time.

    I seem to have had some success keeping tabs on the more obvious interests on the gaming scene (star wars battlefront) and it seems to be getting some interest even just after a couple weeks and i figured i'd share it here to keep the momentum going. I'm also open to suggestions in to where i put some focus. I've got 3 categories for personal, gaming and game development at the moment, although my resources to cover things are limited.

    There will probably be some personal posts going up soon since i'm moving into a bigger flat i secured after a pay rise as well as a 2 week hiking trip in April and i wanna rag on about anything positive i can. But it'd be cool to have some interaction also, rather than mostly a monologue.

    Basically i'm trying to find an outlet for my returning enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration for life. Instead of wasting away like one does in a rut. I suppose i could create another section for TF2 or TF2maps and our continued activities.