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    Hi, I'm working on a map and i want it to be good-ish.

    it's a koth map, and I have looked around the internet for a while now and have been unable to find a simple (hopefuly text w/ pictures) tutorial on how to design and make a rotated (not mirrored) king of the hill map. if someone could either respond to this with a tutorial on how to do this or pm me a link, that would be great.

    thanks for your time.
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    Make red half the map, select all, tools->transform->rotate z 180°, move to match, replace any red textures with blu equivalents, any red entity logic with blu equivalents, delete any duplicated stuff, fix any seams.
    In a nutshell.
    In a way it's actually easier than mirrored because you don't need to fix the angles of props.

    One little thing I find that helps is too have a single giant skybox brush on top (the 'ceiling of the map') larger than the rest of the map on all sides and with it's origin exactly above the center of rotation of the map (typically, the control point). That way if you make a change to one side and want to duplicate it to the other side with fiddling to fin the exact location you just copy and paste special, ctrl+select the ceiling skybox brush, and rotate the whole selection 180° and the copy will end exactly at the right place on the other side of the map.
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    Are you referring to the actual act of rotation or the design theory?

    If it's the former, loc_n_lol pretty much filled you in on it. If the map has a neutral middle part I personally prefer selecting only the areas around it rather than selecting all and then deleting, but I guess that's mostly a matter of personal taste.

    As for design theory... I'm really way too much of a noob (alpha stage of my first map) to write about it, but here's some general advice for what it's worth: Plan ahead. Think about how the map will work for each individual class. Sketch your designs on paper and think about them before mapping. Make sure there are multiple routes to the hill. Make sure there are alternative routes from the spawn rooms to take in case the main exit gets camped. Design the area around the hills so that there is at least one good sentry location, but no unbeatable ones.

    EDIT: Gah, accidental necromancy. I checked the koth tag, forgot I had done that and thought I had entered the thread through the 'recent threads' list.
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